SCÈNE 4 Le revêtement de la terrasse Saint-Denis from NEUF architect(e)s on Vimeo.




Competition winning proposal retained for the building of the new Hospital Centre for the Université de Montréal [CHUM]. The landscape aspect of the project opens the complex to the city by clearing two public spaces at the two main entrance areas of the hospital. Highly responsive to the context, the design of those spaces sets the tone for the identity and the character of Montreal’s Quartier de la Santé. The project also features 7 roof gardens recounting a few of the chapters in the age-old story of the relation of plants and medicine. The overall scheme achieves LEED-NC silver performance, as well as universal accessibility.



CSM construction Santé Montréal






Michel Langevin, Mélanie Mignault, Josée Labelle, Mathieu Casavant, Sylvain Lenoir, Benjamin Deshaies, Claude Cournoyer, Benjamin Motte, Emilie Bertrand-Villemure, Georges-Étienne Parent, Johanna Ballhaus, Mélanie Pelchat



2012 – Regional Merit Award, Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA)




NEUF Architect(e)s



2012 - Regional Merit Award, Canadian Society of Landscape Architects, CSLA



Rooftop terrace diagram, NIPpaysage


Green rooftop terrace, Adrien Williams


Mineral rooftop terrace, Adrien Williams


Rooftop diagrams, NIPpaysage


Perspective of the rooftop terrace, NEUF


Aerial view, Adrien Williams


Green rooftop under construction, NIPpaysage


Concrete detail, NIPpaysage


Plan of Rooftop terraces, NIPpaysage


Green rooftop planting detail, NIPpaysage


Rooftop pattern, NIPpaysage


Video showing construction of green rooftops, CANNON DESIGN + NEUF


Mineral rooftop terrace, Adrien Williams


Pavers under construction, NIPpaysage


Green rooftop terrace, view of the church steeple, Adrien Williams


Construction of the church steeple plaza, NIPpaysage


Public plaza plan, NIPpaysage


Church steeple and its plaza, NIPpaysage


Axonometry of the plaza, NIPpaysage


Perspective of the plaza, CANNON DESIGN