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Viger Square is a large park stretching over four city blocks covering the Ville-Marie expressway. The integrated vision for the future square is built around several elements: user-friendliness, aimed at creating a harmonious environment that mitigates the nuisances that led to the square’s decline; inclusiveness and a commitment to creating a space for all users, with flexible programming to encourage a wide range of uses; anchoring in the surrounding area in order to ensure that the space is perfectly integrated with the urban fabric; and, lastly, a commemorative element to restore the space’s iconic character. A major effort to highlight public art is at the core of the project: the works of Charles Daudelin, Claude Théberge and Peter Gnass will be transposed in a renewed and contemporary context.



Ville de Montréal









Michel Langevin, Josée Labelle, Mathieu Casavant, Mélanie Mignault, Sylvain Lenoir, Johanna Ballhaus, Josianne Dupuis Descoteaux, Benjamin Deshaies, Mélanie Pelchat, Emilie Bertrand-Villemure, Jean-Jacques Yervant, Catherine Blain, Claude Cournoyer



Provencher _Roy

Les Consultants S.M.I.


Brodeur Consultants

Nadeau Foresterie Urbaine



Atelier Dédale

Hydralis Consultants





Aerial view, NIPpaysage


Film, NIPpaysage


Perspective, pergolas area, NIPpaysage


Sketch, visual permeability NIPpaysage


Overall plan, NIPpaysage


Diagram, openning principle, NIPpaysage


Model, Atelier Dédale


Perspective, entrance St-Denis / Viger corner, NIPpaysage


Perspective, 3rd bloc, NIPpaysage


Perspective, fountain, NIPpaysage


Circulation diagram, NIPpaysage


Illustrative Concept, France Cormier


Perspective, St-Denis street, NIPpaysage


Perspective, central axis, NIPpaysage


Sketch, hypernature gardens, NIPpaysage


Perspective, playground area, NIPpaysage


Perspective, Berri / St-Antoine corner entrance, NIPpaysage


Perspective, central axis, NIPpaysage