Finalist in an international design competition organized by Calgary to transform St.Patrick’s Island into a large urban park. The vision reshapes Hebertism and park pathway archetypes in a new way to connect man with nature. To achieve equilibrium between natural habitats and challenging human activities the project applies a sensitive approach, respectful of both wildlife and human needs. The island is designed to become a worldwide model exemplifying a new human attitude towards other species. The park becomes an ecological mosaic and is composed of a vibrant assemblage of habitats. Users are invited to experience wildlife while they are an integral part of it.



Calgary Municipal Land Corporation





Mathieu Casavant, Michel Langevin, Mélanie Mignault, Josée Labelle, Claude Cournoyer, Georges-Étienne Parent, Sylvain Lenoir, Émilie Bertrand-Villemure, Johanna Ballhaus, Benjamin Deshaies



Balmori Associates / Allied Works Architecture / David Skelley / Creative Concern / Knippers Helbig Sherwood Design Engineers / Trans Solar / Hanscomb / Anne Georg / Terry Bullick



Bird’s eye perspective, Balmori


Perspective, Balmori


Jumping boulder perspective, Balmori


Human activity diagrams, NIPpaysage


Perspective, Balmori


Moth pavilion perspective, Balmori


Perspective, Balmori


Concept plan, Balmori


Inhabitation plan, Balmori


Human activity plan, Balmori


Salamander pond axonometry, Balmori