Invited competition on a concept plan for Woodyatt Park. The project provides a vision, an overall concept that does justice to the current character of the park. Based on white-water landscape, main feature in the City of Drummondville’s foundation, the project provides a clear identity and structure to the park. It unifies the park that has been unstructured over time to meet different requirements and omitting overall consideration and temporal projection. Uniting history and future, the project proposes to update the park figure.



Ville de Drummondville





Mathieu Casavant, Michel Langevin, Mélanie Mignault, Josée Labelle, Emilie Bertrand-Villemure, Benjamin Deshaies, Sylvain Lenoir, Mélanie Pelchat, Johanna Ballhaus, Catherine Blain




Aerial view, NIPpaysage


Site plan, NIPpaysage


Urbain grid-river area, NIPpaysage


1930-Original figure, NIPpaysage


Flow pattern


Figure review, NIPpaysage


Belvedere, NIPpaysage



Lightening strategy, NIPpaysage 



Winter perspective, NIPpaysage 



Animated entry, NIPpaysage 



Riverside path-belvedere, NIPpaysage