Design of the public entrance area to the Research Centre, facing Square Viger. The project is a balancing act between the desire to generate a densely planted landscape character, in keeping with LEED criteria, and the structural limitations imposed by building on top of the Ville-Marie highway. The project aims to foster biodiversity, incorporating 23 varied indigenous deciduous and coniferous trees, and seeks to reduce heat island effect. An adventure playground area for the daycare is integrated into the plaza, and contained by both the vegetation and the folding angular wall acting as a playful fence & retaining element.



Consortium Pomerleau Verreault





Michel Langevin, Mélanie Mignault, Josée Labelle, Mathieu

Casavant, Sylvain Lenoir, Emilie Bertrand-Villemure, Claude

Cournoyer, Georges-Étienne Parent.



Les Architectes du CR CHUM

(MSDL, NFOE, JLP, Lemay, Parkin Architects)

Pierre Bourgault



Playground © Steve Montpetit


Playground © Steve Montpetit


Playground © Steve Montpetit


Plantations © Steve Montpetit


Plantations © Steve Montpetit


Plantations © Steve Montpetit


Bench and public plaza © Steve Montpetit


Playground and plantations © Steve Montpetit


Elevation, NIPpaysage


Plan of the area around the playground, NIPpaysage


Playground, NIPpaysage


Section, relation between the playground and the square, NIPpaysage


Playground, NIPpaysage


Wood bench, NIPpaysage


Wood bench and public plaza, NIPpaysage


Transversal section, NIPpaysage


Model, NIPpaysage


3D model, NIPpaysage


Underconstruction bench, NIPpaysage