Colourful landscape installation created to enhance Notre-Dame Street, in heart of the Old Lachine neighbourhood. Entitled "La Belle dame", the urban operation marks the beginning of a major revitalization project, transforming the street into a vibrant destination for both the metropolitan area and new urban development areas nearby. The project highlights the historic street’s most flourishing period, revealing 23 former streetcar posts that are still present. Combined with a series of contemporary installations and reinterpretations, the project offers both a memorable atmosphere and a flexible platform for the variety of programs expected to occur on the street.



Ville de Montréal

Arrondissement de Lachine





Mathieu Casavant, Michel Langevin, Mélanie Mignault, Josée Labelle, Catherine Blain, Emilie Bertrand-Villemure.





Street sign proposition, NIPpaysage


Street post, NIPpaysage


Street painting, NIPpaysage


Project logo, NIPpaysage


Historical photo treatment, NIPpaysage


Shop’s banner, NIPpaysage


Graphic proposition, NIPpaysage


Murale, Art du Commun


Murale, Art du Commun


Pattern study, NIPpaysage


Traitement des photos Historical photo treatment, NIPpaysage